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Do Me, Theodore

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Friday, April 22nd, 2005
11:40 am

Bit of a spam post, but:

New Theo icon!! <33333

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
8:01 pm - Challenge!

Alright, so the community has been quiet for a few days and I have decided to challange all types of shippers. The only rules are:
Rate it.
Disclaim it.
Keep it under 500 hundred words.
Your submition is due on the 22nd of April.
Any questions, ask in a comment.

For the slash shippers:Collapse )

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
10:08 pm - *puts ye olde pimpe hat on*

item the first
Anyone interested in playing an adult and very much Death Eater-esque Theodore Nott should direct their attention to Renatus RPG. A whoooole bunch of bad ass characters are open as well! We're GJ-based and chock full of talented writers and low OOC drama. (And if inquiring minds would like to know, I play Blaise and Terence.)

item the second
Terribly sorry if promotion/pimping isn't allowed. I simply thought, seeing as we just lost our Theo, that the available slot might interest you lovely people. ;D

item the third
I want to write Theo!fic. Actually, any sort of Slytherin!fic will do. Drabble ideas, anyone? (:

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Monday, April 11th, 2005
2:27 am - Ficlet!

So, I was being dreadfully lonely, no one was IMing me, and then inspiration hit me for this ficlet. Enjoy, lovelies!

Pairing: Theo Nott/Lisa Turpin. *ducks from Theo/Blaise shippers*
Rated: PG for a couple of swear words.
When: Harry's sixth year.

The Wallflower.Collapse )

Constructive critism/praise is definitely appreciated.

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Saturday, April 9th, 2005
8:40 pm - New member... hope it's okay for me to join.

I don't know if this community is only a group of friends or if it's open to anyone, but here I am. :) Nice to meet everyone.

Name: Maren
Why do you like Theodore?: It has everything to do with the way someone portrayed him in an rpg, a dead one now but it was fun. I like him, among other reasons, because he's an unknown. All we know is that his mother died and his father is slightly older than everyone in sixth year's father. Free range other than that. I picture him (as my friend played him) as a loner, disgusted by most people in his house and becoming tired of being a DE's son.
What do you think his role will be in the next books?: I'm just hoping he'll get a speaking line. XD Oh, and that he'll slowly start to dissect himself from the people in Slytherin.
Who can you see him dating?: I am biased. (In the rpg, he and Lisa Turpin, a Ravenclaw, got together.) I can't see him as gay. Maybe I just need a really good fic to convince me. ;)
What are his parents like?: His father is aloof, calculating, and totally devoted to Voldemort. His mother is dead...
Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like?: Biased by RPG: either Johnny Depp or Conor Oberst. Check icon here:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo?: Theo by the people he loves (except his father calls him Theodore).

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
11:48 am

Okay, so I'm getting a friend of mine to make an icon for this comm, but I can't decide one the person to represent our Theo. If I had my choice, it'd obviously be Brian, but I'm not the only member of this comm, now am I?

Since I can't do polls, just comment and tell me, from this list. Thank you!

Brian Molko (Brian already has two votes, from me and obviously Sara)
Michael Pitt
Adam Brody
Diego Luna
Cillian Murphy
Joaquin Phoenix

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
10:47 am

I already posted my perfect Theo pic in the intro thinger, but here it is again because I loff it:

I just.. like, I love Theo. I love him to pieces, but I don't think of him as some smooth, suave, sexy model. Sure, he has his moments, but not really, if you get me. To me, he's a bumbling geek. Intelligent, yes, but unsure around most people - particularly girls. He isn't really sure what to do around them. Of course.. in my eyes, Theo is totally straight, even quite the homophobe, but that's more of the "Ugh. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look?" thing he has going.

If any of you have seen the first series of the O.C., you'll know that the guy in the piccie is Adam Brody/Seth Cohen. Seth is (pretty much) my Theo. Guh.

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
9:57 pm - My Theo, yo!

This is Diego.

He is my Theo.

Take me now, Blaise!Collapse )

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2:13 pm

Okay, I have another little fun activity for us to do. If I'm moving too fast with this comm, tell me and I'll slow it down.

Post a picture (behind a cut) of your vision of the perfect Theo. If there isn't a picture that's perfect, try to find one as close as possible.

And Sara, you don't have to post a duplicate if you don't want to, but I love to look at Brian anyways, so it's all good. XD

I have two. XDCollapse )

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10:45 am

Hey guys

What is your Theodore OTP? Blaise/Theodore
How did they get together? So many scenarios, so little time. At the moment, I'm favouring a sudden outburst of 'I want you' 'Fuck, really?' 'I didn't just say that.' 'No, and I'm not thinking about wanting you either.'
Which is the dominant one in the relationship? Blaise. I won't have it any other way...in my fics at least.
On a scale of one to ten, how angsty is their relationship? 8. The other two it's kinda squishy and romantic.
What's the sex like? Rough and angsty, usually. Or really sweet and slow, but that's only about 2% of the time.
Seeing as we have representative(s) of two different Theodore OTPs here, why is yours better? Eh...I don't know if it's better, it's just two boys. And I'm just not a fan of het. And part of me truly truly believes this could be almost as canon as Sirius and Remus.

*D's weird and wonderful thoughts on the subject*
These may have already been covered in theoshaped's post, but I was at work when that debate went on, so I'm covering it again.

Neither of them has been featured much in the previous books, we know Theo isn't close friends with Draco, he prefers to be alone, and if Blaise hung out with Draco, he would have been mentioned more, like Pansy and Millicent have been, albeit briefly.
So who have Theo and Blaise been talking to all these years? It would have to be each other. They're the kind of friends Sirius and Remus where, to adopt the MWPP approach, in that they've known each other a long time, always been friends, and there's just that something else between them that's only there if you look closely.

I also have them as my super angst OTP, because my Theo's Blaise had a relationship with Draco, previously, as any of you who have ever read any of my stuff will have gathered. Theo and Draco hate each other, and this adds another dimension to Theo and Blaise' realtionship, since Blaise still honestly doesn't mind Draco, even though he broke his heart, and doesn't really understand their animosity.

And on another note, although this could also be related to T/P, but I'm using it here in defence of this pairing, the chances of them being able to have a successful relationship with anyone else would be tricky to see, because they're both Slytherins, yes, and whether or not Blaise' alliegence is mentioned, he still has some idea what it's like for Theodore to be trapped in a society which is very dark. No one else would understand them the way they can understand each other, neither of them is as brash as Malfoy, it would seem, they're more private, and they need each other.

And Blaise is the more dominant one. Theo, for all his fragile looks and stuff, is actually very withdrawn and anti-social, and he needs Blaise to take control of him (in every aspect of their lives ;) ) I know this was similarly argued for T/P, but I'm just saying now why Blaise is the more dominant one...

Ironically, as I write this, the Theo I RP is breaking up with his Blaise... heh...
And for a community so small, we're moving really fast ...s'hard to keep up with you all

D <3

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
7:34 pm

Blaise and Theo are fighting again.


Theo: It was HIS fault, damnit.

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9:25 pm

Hi all! I'm Giovanna, player of Blaise Zabini, Adrian Pucey, and Terence Higgs in various games. I was directed here by the lovely Miss shining_water because I admit to having a fondness for Nott. Mmm. ;D

Anyway, on to the survey!

Name: Giovanna. =P
Why do you like Theodore?: Because he’s an understated character. JKR has annoyed me thoroughly with her depiction of Slytherin students as whiney, pettish babies; they’re called snakes for a REASON. Truth be told, I’m more infatuated with Blaise than Theodore, but the boy does have a nice little place in my heart, so there you go. ;D
What do you think his role will be in the next books?: Oh, who knows. I’m just afraid I’m so wrapped up in the fanverse that I’ll be sorely disappointed once six and seven come out. I don’t want another crabby brat (okay, maybe a brat, but an endearingly dangerous and intelligent one, please) wearing the Slyth-green.
Who can you see him dating?: I’m afraid that I’m biased in regards to this. In my first game (post-Hogwarts) playing Blaise, he and Theo were NOT on good terms. Sure, they worked together and had some sort of mutual, grudging respect, but my Blaise’s shallowness of immediate emotion pissed Theo off like nobody’s business. The only time they were friendly was when they were drunk. Very drunk. And then they’d deny it the next day. XD But yeah, Theo/Blaise. And Theo/Adrian. Let me explain:

  • Theo/Blaise: again, I’m very biased, especially in regards to Blaise. I’ve always seen Theo as the dominant one in this ship, simply because the Theodore’s I’ve been writing against are either explosively impatient or very Salazaresque. Mmm. :9
  • Theo/Adrian: Adrian is definitely the dominant one in this ship, simply because he’s older and more experienced. Again, biased: my Adrian had no pain reflex. Their sexual relationship developed after Theo got his Mark and was pretty intense until, oops, there went Adrian’s libido! After Adrian (happily, I’ll add) went asexual, their relationship was… strained. Friendship, yes. But still very strained. And that’s all I can say, because the game died. Woe. ;_;
  • Theo/Draco: not my favorite ship, but I can see it happening if (and only if) Draco outgrows his childishness (“Harry didn’t pick me, waaaaaaaa!”) and develops a nature cunning enough to do his heritage justice. I think this Draco would use his wiles to emotionally use Theo for his own ends… but Theo, smart boy that he is, would catch on quickly and turn the tables. Love-hate relationships are the roxor.

    What are his parents like?: I see his father as a very quick, silent man. This makes him far more dangerous than, say, Lucius Malfoy, because one doesn’t expect Nott Senior, viper that he is. His mother? Nott Senior has no interest in sex and sent her packing to France for an extended holiday. =P
    Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like?: Again, biased like whoa. Cillian Murphy. Failing that, Joaquim Phoenix.
    Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo?: Theo by his nearest and dearest. Otherwise, Theodore or Nott.

    current mood: accomplished
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    8:20 pm - DEBATE!

    What is your Theodore OTP? Er, I'd say Theo/Blaise

    How did they get together? Oh they could get together in many ways. I always have imagined Blaise as a clumsy character, smart one yes, but Theodore is a name that suggests more inteligence. So they could be tight with eachother, and we can't forget the sexual tension that would lead to a blowjob in zee library... *daydream*

    Which is the dominant one in the relationship? Oh I'd say - Since Theo for me is the inteligent type - That Blaise would be the dominant in sexual relationships but Theo would be there smooth things when they fight with eachother. basically he would go all mom-like. :P But that's my Theo.

    On a scale of one to ten, how angsty is their relationship? - Since they are both Slytherins and we all know that they pay a lot of attention to appearances, I'd say 7.5 or 8.

    What's the sex like? Since my Blaise is addicted to chocolate, it'd be kiiiiinky or romantic one, depending his and Theo's mood of course.

    Seeing as we have representative(s) of two different Theodore OTPs here, why is yours better? -
    Because it's my OTP I don't know, Pansy in the books seem a bit stupid and Theo always gave me that inteligent impression (Being present in the moment of someone's death has got to make a person more mature, specially if that person was close to him, in this case it was him mom, although I don't remember where I found that information, I know it's true), I don't think he would hang out with her. She just is very annoying. And who does he hang out with but Blaise? He certainly does not hang out with Ravenclaw's, because of the scene in where Harry saw Theodore with Malfoy's gang taking about something after the MOM incident, I'd say he's about to become a Death Eater, his father being one and all that.

    EDIT: Also, on a contraire note, Theo could be the dominant just because his family is connected with the Dark Lord, and I have never heard of the name Zabini amongst the Death Eaters. Theo, having a death eater as father, probably had his personality affected by that. But Blaise could help him see that the Dark Lord is going down bebeh!

    current mood: happy

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    1:44 pm

    What is your Theodore OTP? Theo/Pansy omg!
    How did they get together? After Pansy and Draco split up, Pansy began to take more notice of another certain Slytherin yumminess. No particular turning even, just numerous chats over the period of a few weeks, and feelings developed on both sides.
    Which is the dominant one in the relationship? Both of them have their moments. From the outside it looks like Pansy, but from the inside it defintiely feels more like Theo, particularly at the moment.
    On a scale of one to ten, how angsty is their relationship? Ooooh... well, used to be about a two, if that, but since Theo's been under a lot of pressure from his father about joining Voldy, it's way up in the twenties.
    What's the sex like? Pansy-dominant, unless some strange force possesses Theo, which does happen every now and then. A few kinks, when Pansy can convince him. She has a whip and handcuffs. She also got Theo anal-lubricant as a joke Christmas present, aimed to completely mortify him, which it did. :P
    Seeing as we have representative(s) of two different Theodore OTPs here, why is yours better? I'm not sure if it's "better", I'm just more into it. I think there are more dynamic differences between them, and it makes them fun to play with. Theo's quiet, sensible, clever and calculating; Pansy's loud, likes being openly horrible to people she doesn't like, cares a lot about the way she looks, and is a lot more rash about her decisions. In a way, the two clash horribley, but on the other hand, when they're feeling tolerant of one another, they balance each other out. Pansy's learned that it can be fun to take a quiet moment, and Theo's learned that being sociable every now and then isn't that bad.

    current mood: in luuuurve :P

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    12:32 pm

    What is your Theodore OTP? Theodore/Blaise
    How did they get together? Blaise is a manipulative Slytherin that takes a random house mate upstairs, usually to discuss Death Eater matters and sometimes have his way with them if he so pleases. Well, it just so happened that Blaise actually talked to Theo afterwards, more than once, and found himself a bit attached. But just a little bit *winks*.
    Which is the dominant one in the relationship? Blaise, no questions asked.
    On a scale of one to ten, how angsty is their relationship? Oooh...Ten, easily, especially since they can't seem to get around each other, in my opinion. Oh, and there is the tiniest little thing about Theo perhaps killing off his father for them, but that's just a trivial matter.
    What's the sex like? Well, there has been a lot of it lately, so it's usually needy and harsh, not at all slow. There has been minimal bondage, much to my dissatisfaction, but there has been lots of chocolate which just makes me squee.
    Seeing as we have representative(s) of two different Theodore OTPs here, why is yours better? Erm...because Pansy is a bird? I have no idea and I don't feel like getting philosophical enough to even think one up. How about I just agree with Seana, she's brilliant enough to represent my ideas.

    (comment on this)

    2:07 pm

    Pairing debate. Have fun darlings. Sara, I expect your help on this. XD

    What is your Theodore OTP?
    How did they get together?
    Which is the dominant one in the relationship?
    On a scale of one to ten, how angsty is their relationship?
    What's the sex like?
    Seeing as we have representative(s) of two different Theodore OTPs here, why is yours better?

    What is your Theodore OTP? Theodore/Blaise
    How did they get together? This varies. They could have gotten together after a year or two of sexual tension that comes to full circle one day in the common room. Or Blaise can take Theodore upstairs and make him his pet. Yes, pet. With a collar and all. And a pet name.
    Which is the dominant one in the relationship? Blaise. No question here.
    On a scale of one to ten, how angsty is their relationship? Ten. Theodore orphaned himself so he could be with Blaise. There's uberangst right there.
    What's the sex like? Always hot. Theo likes to tease. Theo likes chocolate sauce and whipped cream. If he really loves Blaise, he'll crossdress. Maybe a little black dress, maybe a modified Slytherin girls' uniform.
    Seeing as we have representative(s) of two different Theodore OTPs here, why is yours better? First of all, we have no proof for either Theo/Blaise or Theo/Pansy. All we have are assumptions that we can make. Draco and Pansy went to the Yule Ball together. Pansy simpers over him. It's more logical that those two would be a couple than Theo and Pansy.

    That's the difference between T/B and T/P. We can't prove either of them, but we can disprove T/P. We can't disprove T/B. Pansy is featured much more heavily than Blaise is. Therefore, we know more about her life, her friends and such. There has never been any T/P interaction. There has never been any T/B interaction, yet neither of these characters have dialogue. We know nothing about them, so it is possible that they are friends or even more.

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    10:32 am

    Name: Sara
    Why do you like Theodore? Because Seana makes him dead sexy.
    What do you think his role will be in the next books? I'm not sure he'll have one other than being a revenge-seeking Slytherin.
    Who can you see him dating? Blaise or Draco, that's a bit it really. If you want to get canon, then I don't really have an answer.
    What are his parents like? Octavius is a crazed lunatic and his mother is protectively loving.
    Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like? Brian
    Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo? Theo...he might be a Kitten, but never a Teddy.

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    Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
    11:07 pm

    Since pretty much everyone has answered the first survey, would anyone mind horribly if I posted the pairing debate for us to squabble over? It'll be some time tomorrow. Theo/Blaise=OTP

    Yay for Theo activeness. :)

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    Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
    12:01 am

    Hey guys!

    Name: D (yes, just D will do)
    Why do you like Theodore? Weeeell, I was like, the hugest Blaise fan, and then I joined an RPG and he was taken, alas. So I played as Theo instead, and I just feel in love with him, because there's actually so much about him, if you care enough to look. And then you can make up the rest in your head. I'm a sucker for ambiguity. S'why I love Blaise/Theodore
    What do you think his role will be in the next books? I think he and Blaise will have a larger role in the next two books. JKR has already been leading up to it, not so much with Blaise, although she clarified both his sex and that we would be seeing more of him, and with Theo, well, there was the Thestral thing, the thing with his dad, and the thing in the library...there will be more Theo.
    Who can you see him dating? Blaise. No questions asked. They are my OTP. I mean, who else have they been hanging out with the past five years, if not with each other? (I'm teh modly being over at 'In_teh_Shadows') /pimping.
    What are his parents like? His mother, slightly dead, she was nice, too nice I think, and had to be killed. By Theo's father, who is a nasty, old, traditional wizard, who thinks Theo should settle down, join Voldemort and have lots of babies with a nice lady. He would probably kill Theo as well if he found out he was gay...
    Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like? Diego Luna. He's my PB in my RPG. He's the Theo in my icons, as well.
    Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo? Theo! I smite all the Teddy people. Ted I can kinda get over, just about, but TEDDY? He's not a frigging cuddly kinda guy!

    One more time! Blaise/Theodore OTP!!! Unless of course it's Blaise/Theodore/Seamus...in which case...

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    Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
    2:18 pm - *showing the Theo-love*

    Name: Allie
    Why do you like Theodore? Because... because... he's... um. I don't really know why. I love his non-conformity. And I love the player's interpretation of him as tied_in_notts. And... I'm just obsessed, okay?!?!
    What do you think his role will be in the next books? He probably won't really have a role, though he's probably pretty pissed off about Harry outting his dad as a DE and then the attack on him at the MOM. Maybe he'll just glare sexily everytime Harry & Co walk past; that'd totally be enough for me. :P
    Who can you see him dating? Pansy, mainly, since Pansy/Theo are my OTP. I love reading about him full stop though, so no preferences as long as it's not a teacher/adult.
    What are his parents like? His mother's just a tad DEAD, and his father's an old crone who's very strict with our darling Theo and a bit of a git who pushes Theo into becoming a DE when all Theo wanted to do was sit on the sidelines and point and laugh at those who were stupid enough to get involved in the war.
    Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like? For me he'll always be Adam-Brody-In-The-First-Season-Of-The-OC. And I just realised when selecting the mood for this post, that if Adam Brody is my Theo, then.. I have a Theo mood theme! *squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!*
    Perfect Theo pic:
    Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo? THEO!! THEO. THEO. THEO. THEOTHEOTHEOTHEOTHEOTHEO!!!

    *bows to Seana*

    current mood: bouncy

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