doctor_who_rulz (doctor_who_rulz) wrote in do_me_theodore,

Name: Mouseh

Why do you like Theodore?
Why do I like him, is there a reason not to? I imagine him as witty, intellectual, sly, a loner and of course sexier than any other Slytherin out there. He is just to likeable for a Slytherin and is just as fun to roleplay, especially when roleplaying with people who can stand up to his saracasm. I even like the reason he is quiet and much more adequet for his age.

What do you think his role will be in the next books?
Nothing, frankly he is very minor in J.K's eyes

Who can you see him dating?
Draco; They bounce of each other, hate and sarcasm they also take on aspects of each other, though Theo is much cleverer. 
Luna; Though she is strange, I just think they could work, she is clever and could probably suit his needs.

What are his parents like?
His father commanding, never there. His mother, well dead of course, though I always thought she was killed by Death Eaters herself. 

Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like? Adam Brody

Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo? Theo ;D

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