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Yay! People and activity! I thought this community was dead. Nice to see some other Theodore fanatics like myself!

Anyway, my name is Courtney. Here goes:

Why do you like Theodore? Oh, there are so many reasons. His intellect, his cleverness, the fact he is a loner, the way he stands apart from the crowd and doesn't participate in the childish sports of hexing Gryffindors, etc., many Slytherins take part in. Remember, he wasn't even in Umbridge's Inquisitorial Sqad in OotP. A quiet, mysterious demeanor as his can be quite the dangerous quality too. Plus he's on the thinner side. Can anyone say hot? hah. Right now, he's more of an enigma, a mystery. We don't even know his exact alignment yet. He intrigues me, so I want to know more about him
What do you think his role will be in the next book? I'm not sure, although I hope he has a speaking part at least.
Who can you see him dating? Specifically, I'm not sure. If he were to date anyone at all, I think the girl would be someone of high intellect. Silly, stupid, giggling girls need not apply. A potential girfriend has to be able to stimulate his mind, keep up with him in an intellectual conversation, while having a degree of beauty as well. A relationship won't work if there is no physical attraction.
What are his parents like? Well, his (Death Eater) father, I think, is an old-fashioned, strict patriarch. Probably a very cold, unloving man. His mum, long since passed on, was a loving woman. I've always thought of Theodore as probably having been very close to his mum, so her death affected him in such a way that he doesn't let anyone in emotionally, in the fear he will have to feel such tremendous loss again.
Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like? Actually there is a guy in my Intro to Criminal Justice class that sort of looks how I imagined Theodore to look, lol. He's fairly tall and thin with brown hair and brown (or blue, never been close enough to see) eyes. Handsome in an unconventional, rather unique way. Celebritywise, I have a fondness for Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Theodore, especially when he was in Bend It Like Beckham. Jonathan was really thin then. Tom Sturridge isn't too bad either.
Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo? I think he would prefer being called Nott or Theodore by those he doesn't know or is merely acquainted with. Although, out of those three I would choose Theo. He would definitely be annoyed if someone called him Ted, Teddy, or (God forbid)Teddy-Bear. LOL. Certainly a good way to get on the wrong side of his wand, I'd say.
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