Soph. (quirkyblah38) wrote in do_me_theodore,

Hai i'm Soph.

Why do you like Theodore? Because the whole clever, quiet loner who has the independent side to him it just makes him a wild card and that's something i like.
What do you think his role will be in the next books? I hope so.
Who can you see him dating? Probably another minor character, perhaps a Slytherin. Depends, I suppose.
What are his parents like? His mother's dead and his dad apparently is elderly but was a former DE. I've kind of got the idea in mind that he used to be really good at his job but now he's sort of going to cark it any time soon.
Which celebrity represents what you think Theodore looks like? In some RPs I use Gerard Way but I've also thought Diego Luna or William Beckett.
Would Theodore want to be called Ted, Teddy or Theo? Theo I think.
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