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"As They Always Do." (Theodore, Hermione. G. 189.)

Title: "As They Always Do."
X-Posted:  slytherin100  
Character(s): Theodore, Hermione.
Rating: G.
Word count: 189.

There it was, like always. The clicks were cyclical, constant; as if someone's nails were dancing upon an oak-wood desk. Hermione paused while reaching for her ink, severely annoyed. The clicks continued. She slammed her quill down and stood up, scanning the area.  Several Ravenclaws poked their heads up from their books.  Only one person refused to look up.

The clicking grew louder.  She marched towards the Restricted Section and, like  there he was, as always. Reading some obscure book in some shadow-infested corner, green tie loosened and hanging carelessly from his neck. Hermione halted, huffed, and promptly pushed Theodore's lethargic feet off the table.

"I know it's you."

Theodore raised an eyebrow.

Hermione sighed.  "The clicking?"

He blinked. "I can't hear anything."

His throaty whisper forced Hermione to consider the Slytherin in curiosity. Theodore matched her stare.  After a moment, she turned and he returned to his book.  With a sly smirk, he waited for her footsteps to fade before uncovering his wand.  Theodore muttered the counter-curse for his improved version of muffliato while aiming at Hermione.  He returned to reading, a certain Gryffindor on his mind--as always.
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